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LOUISIANA AUCTIONS (and louisianaauctions.com) is owned and operated by Delton Perrodin, a 1989 graduate of Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, LA (B.A., Communication Arts).  I have bought and sold CDs, records, movies, books, sports cards and a wide range of collectibles for over ten years on Amazon and eBay.

Depending on the size of the items you want to sell, I can pick them up or arrange a time for you to drop them off to me.  I will catalog, research, list and sell your items; then follow through with buyers to get payment, before packaging and shipping.

Research is an essential element of the process, and I do the "homework" necessary to get the most for the items I sell.  If I do not know much about a particular item, I will not list it until I do.  It will help if you can give me an accurate written description of each item with as much details as possible, and what you are hoping to get for it (approximate value).

Within 30-60 days of handing over your items, you can expect a detailed description of "your" sales - along with a check for up to 75% of the net sale price of each item.

Before I sell anything, I will ask you to read and sign a one-page "release" stating that any items I sell for you are owned by you, and that you are authorizing me (doing business as LOUISIANA AUCTIONS) to sell them.  In some cases, I may be able to negotiate the sale of your item(s) to a private buyer, but not before you agree to the terms and sale price beforehand.

eBay auction listing and sale fees generally amount to less than five percent of selling price.  These fees reduce the gross sale (or winning bid) amount to a net amount.  I will keep between 25 and 40 percent of the net dollar amount of each item sold in exchange for my services:  40% on items selling for $49.99 or less; 33.3% for items with a sale price of $50.00 to $299.99; 25% on items selling in excess of $300.00.

For example, if I list your item with a starting bid of 99 cents and it sells for $62.75, eBay would get about $5.00 of that amount including insertion and final value fees, resulting in a net sale amount of $57.75.  You can expect to receive 2/3 of that amount within 30 days of the sale (payment, shipping to buyer and follow up to confirm completion of the transaction will take as little as one week or as many as three).

The buyer pays for all shipping and handling costs, and I keep the cost as close to actual postal rates as possible by recycling boxes, mailers, bubble wrap, etc.  I do not overcharge for shipping.  I firmly believe that online sellers achieve greater bids and increased sales by being fair with their buyers.  Sellers who make extra $ on shipping will often have negative feedback from disapproving buyers and in this business, your good reputation is essential in the process.  A top feedback record tells buyers that they can expect a positive experience, and they are almost always going to buy from a more reputable seller.

I will be happy to discuss the whole process with you.

Best of luck in your auctions !   Delton sig

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